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Duck Hunting

This is classic decoy duck hunting equaled only by the old "glory days" in the United States. The coastal region in the state of Sonora is the optimum staging and feeding ground for wintering pacific flyway ducks, and from early November through early March, it´s home to an estimated population of two million pintail, gadwall, green, blue and cinnamon teal, black duck, canvasback, pacific black brant, widgeon, redhead and many others - 16 species in all. Ruiz has an extensive network of comfortable man-made and natural blinds to which pairs of hunters are delivered via a custom-made airboat each morning. The combination of liberal limits and the great diversity of species add up the duck hunting experience of a lifetime!


The duck habitat is endless miles of shallow-water estuaries, mangrove swamp, and freshwater ponds located adjacent to grain and vegetable production. In addition to the extensive natural habitat, Ruiz has created his own duck marsh by flooding several thousand acres of coastal desert with brackish water diverted from the Sea of Cortez. This ingenious "custom designed" marsh is the winter home to many thousands of ducks.