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Gabino's Outdoors Adventures

the best wing shooting, big game hunting and bass fishing in Sonora, Mexico

What has become Mexico's premier hunting and bass fishing outfitter began nearly 28 years ago as a job to pay through veterinary school. Yet, Frank "Gabino" Ruiz quickly realized that he had a knack for putting his costumers onto game and providing them with the best hunting experiences they have ever known. After graduation, he turned his natural hunting skill and his attention to even the smallest of details into what Gabino's Outdoor Adventures is today - the very best, of the very best dove, duck and quail hunting that Mexico has to offer.

“Gabino's Outdoors Adventures is dedicated to giving you the hunt of a lifetime; and with a fast gun and good eye, you'll go home with your limit!”


Dove, Duck or Quail, we have it all!

This is not the "Old Mexico" of legend, but a region of surprisingly sophisticated cities and agricultural communities surrounded by a vast and bountiful wild game bird habitat. Both whitewing and mourning dove live here year round in abundance (not migrating) along with Gambel's and Elegant quail, and enjoy endless fields of sorghum, sesame, corn and other food grains, bordered by thick fence rows and brush of mesquite and chaparral.

“Gabino's Yaqui Valley hunting is the place for the best of the best - an amazing mix of the best wild game birds and first-rate outfitting by the best in the business, Frank Ruiz.”

Duck Hunting    

This is classic decoy duck hunting equaled only by the old "glory days" in the United States. The coastal region in the state of Sonora is the optimum staging and feeding ground for wintering pacific flyway ducks, and from early November through early March, it´s home to an estimated population of two million pintail, gadwall, green, blue and cinnamon teal, black duck, canvasback, pacific black brant, widgeon, redhead and many others - 16 species in all. Ruiz has an extensive network of comfortable man-made and natural blinds to which pairs of hunters are delivered via a custom-made airboat each morning. The combination of liberal limits and the great diversity of species add up the duck hunting experience of a lifetime!

The duck habitat is endless miles of shallow-water estuaries, mangrove swamp, and freshwater ponds located adjacent to grain and vegetable production. In addition to the extensive natural habitat, Ruiz has created his own duck marsh by flooding several thousand acres of coastal desert with brackish water diverted from the Sea of Cortez. This ingenious "custom designed" marsh is the winter home to many thousands of ducks.

Dove Hunting    

As the premier outfitter in the region, Gabino's Outdoor Adventures has sole access to hundreds of thousands of acres of prime shooting habitat. Experienced guides and spotters are in the field, morning and afternoon, providing up-to-the-minute reports on the best hunting locations. This is Mexico's best dove shooting - wave after wave of hard-flying whitewings and acrobatic mourning doves. Each shooter is provided with a pick-up boy, a comfortable swivel seat with back rest, lots of 28, 20 or 12 gauge shells, and a cooler of soft drinks, water and beer.

Whitewing at its finest!

When you think of whitewing Dove, several things immediately come to mind - fast paced shooting, evasive birds, and Mexico! And very few places on earth can compare to the large number of birds of Mexico's Northwest. The community of Cajeme lies in the heart of this agricultural region. This beautiful area, with its natural nesting habitats and vast grain fields, attracts literally MILLIONS of Whitewing and Mourning Dove! You simply have to experience it for yourself to believe it. Gabino's Outdoor Adventures offers small, private hunts on several local ranches just a short drive from the beautiful La Nellita Hacienda. This is the finest dove hunting you will ever experience. Gabino's staff will see to your every need, including transportation, bird boys, meals and even shotguns (Benelli or Beretta automatics in 12 or 20 gauge) if you want them. In fact, the only thing we don't do for you is pull the trigger!

Big Bass Fishing    

Gabino's Outdoor Adventures also offers largemouth bass fishing trips on Mexico's best lake - Oviachic - located just 17 miles from our headquarters in Ciudad Obregon. All trips are fully outfitted, with knowledgeable English-speaking guides, new 21-foot boats with 200 to 300-horse power motors, depth/fish finder, trolling motor, etc.

Trophy Hunts    

Monster Muleys, elusive Coues deer, you name it! Sonora, Mexico is home to some of the finest trophy mule deer in all of North America. With nearly 180,000 acres of managed hunting preserve within Sonora, Gabino's Trophy Hunts offers the best of the best. Out here, the harsh elements, rugged terrain and evasive game combine to test your skills and intensify your experience. We promise you an extraordinary adventure that you won't want to miss.

Accommodations & Travel 

Frank Ruiz believes in providing the very best of everything to his guests. Located just a short drive from the hunting areas, Hacienda La Nellita is Frank's lovely childhood home in Ciudad Obregon. It features nine bedrooms that can hold anywhere from 18 to 22 hunters and guests with bath, lounge area, bar, dining room, roomy exterior patio, satellite television, Jacuzzi, telephone/internet/fax. As a guest of Frank Ruiz, you will enjoy the comforting atmosphere of small groups, gracious service, security and the personal touch of Ruiz' well-trained staff. Delicious meals of tender beef, fresh seafood, wild game and Mexican specialties are served by attentive waiters, and the open bar includes selections from Chivas Regal to "top shelf" margaritas.